About us

AXATRUST Secretarial Limited was established in 2008 with main target to promote Corporate Services mainly within Cyprus jurisdiction carrying out services in other jurisdictions as well. AXATRUST’s concentration in Cyprus tax regime was done after a very careful and in depth analysis of which the main reason being the simplicity of the tax regime and the lowest tax rate within the European Union.

Our firm managed through the excellent reputation of its members to establish cooperation with a variety of legal advisors, tax consultants, registered auditors and many other business involved people having that way the advantage to serve its clients in many different manners.

AXATRUST manages through its synergies to offer very competitive prices and packages including corporate services, arranging for tax consulting, auditing, accounting, banking etc. The success of our firm is due to concentration to serve the client at the highest possible level.

The individual members of the firm are highly caliber and open to all challenges since creating a competitive image for the firm is considered as an ultimate goal.

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